With the festival season approaching very soon, it's time to shop ! Paris is known as the city of light and the capital of fashion with all its Haute Couture houses, department stores, and Haussmann architecture.

To help you find the gifts that will please the whole family, we have prepared a shopping day in Paris with our best addresses. You can find the must-see destinations, the luxury houses as well as the small designers and also the addresses to have your coffee between two shops.

Immerse yourself in this Parisian universe and become the new Emily in Paris for a day.


- The essentials 

Of course, how can we talk about shopping in Paris without mentioning the Department Stores?

On the Boulevard Haussmann, between the 8th and 9th arrondissement, you will find the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps overlooking the most historic boulevard in Paris. You will be fascinated by the huge glass dome of the galleries and the panoramic view of the city that you can admire from the 7th floor. In these two shops, you will find luxury designers, gastronomy, high-end interior decorations... There is something for everyone!




- Le Marais

If you are looking for small designers and thrift shops, the Marais is the place for you!

You will find a dozen thrift shops and kiloshops on rue de la Verrerie, just behind the main street of Rivoli. Known as the prettiest district in the city, let yourself be carried away by its vibrant atmosphere. Between jewelleries and art galleries, you will surely find your happiness in the superb Verpal Jewellery store with its minimalist and delicate lines. And to please the whole family, you can find unique antiques and vintage objects at Village St Paul. 



- Your favorite stores

After a visit to the Louvre, you'll find all your must-have brands on Rue Rivoli.

Now a pedestrian street and right across from the large Tuileries Park, it's the perfect place to finish your shopping in peace. And why not take a coffee break at Angelina? This tea room with its Belle Epoque décor will amaze you with its mirrors, frescoes, and mouldings that will transport you to another time. Many French designers, such as Coco Chanel, met here.

After tasting the unforgettable L'Africain hot chocolate, you can continue shopping in all the boutiques along Rue Rivoli such as Mango, Monki, Promod, or Minelli.



- The most romantic view in Paris

And to finish in beauty, Montmartre. The most famous hill of the capital, overlooking the Moulin Rouge, offers a breathtaking view of Paris. To find the perfect gift for your little niece, the Louisette boutique is the perfect place to find the designer piece that will make the difference under the tree. As you stroll through the small streets, you will be surprised by the boutiques of made-in-France designers and of course the art galleries.



Paris is as big as London and the list could go on and on! Tell us in the comments which shops make you want to shop the most.



Other of our favorite addresses :

- RELIQUE, retro vintage store, 25 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth 75003 Paris



- Rue du Faubourg St Honoré, prestigious art galleries and luxury boutiques, 75008 Paris


- Place Vendôme, High Jewellery (Cartier, Chanel, Dior) and Hôtels Particuliers, 75001 Paris


- LAURA LAVAL, Designer clothing and jewellery shop, 75002 Paris



- MAISON LORDS & FOOLS, luxury men’s design, 75004 Paris