What was going on at the fashion show 2021?

What was going on at the fashion show 2021?

Some designers who are proficient in social media and who understand young people have already fought fiercely on the joint name. For example, Fendi x Skims, Balenciaga x Gucci, Versace and Fendi's Fendace series of interchangeable designers...all brought hot designs while marketing was successful.

Fendi X Versace Collaboration: FENDACE

The show is probably the most difficult thing to define in the fashion industry. For some designers, the show is a vehicle for their storytelling, a stage where Hedi Slimane demonstrates the technique of mirroring and expressing neo-romanticism, and it is Alessandro Michele's passage to the dream of Hollywood in his heart. It is Virgil Abloh who once said: "Hope Create a place full of pop culture, fashion and diversity in the real world".

But for other designers, rather than telling stories through the show, they are more willing to make the show fun and interesting. For example, Prada's "two-city linkage" model allows Shanghai and Milan to be two different cities in different time zones. The same fashion show was staged. Balenciaga's red carpet is the show, and the fashionable version of "The Simpsons" once again broke people's imagination.


Kim Jones's Dior has always been diversified. The latest series adds novel elements to the show. The 37-meter-long reel T-stage completes the stylish presentation of the masterpiece "On The Road" in one go.

There are also those who abandon CGI technology and go slant in the location of the show. YSL, which used the Eiffel Tower as a "semi-permanent" background, moved the show to the cliffs of Iceland after the outbreak of the epidemic. The Saint Laurent girls wore sexy costumes and walked the show in the glacier polar regions. The scene of contending with the harsh nature was shocking.

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