At FL Soho Showroom, we are devoted to creating a strong bond between our selected independent designers and retailers around the world to lead to each other and to grow the business together.

Our Faith

FL SOHO SHOWROOM, MORE THAN JUST A DESIGNER WHOLESALE PLATFORM, WE EXIST FOR NURTURING PIONEERS IN CONTEMPORARY FASHION. We believe that independent designers are a group of talents cherished by the industry. They are the symbol of innovativeness, creativity and the living life of moda. Today of all days, there are more and more thriving small businesses in the UK and Europe alone. We aim to give the support to the community who shares the same thought like FL Soho Showroom. 

Our Mission

Founded in 2021 with a powerful vision to infuse new life into the fashion system. FL SOHO SHOWROOM has served as a critical platform for emerging designers, CONTINUOUSLY and PERSISTENTLY working to empower their voices and facilitate industry exposure, whilst simultaneously providing an indispensable tool for the industry.


Our Values

  • Unconventional
  • Exclusive
  • Spiritual
  • Diverse
  • Transparent